Been a while since I’ve reblogged this.  It’s time again.


Been a while since I’ve reblogged this.  It’s time again.


Your mid-day amateur pegging movie for Wednesday, October 30th!



Forget every dissipation you ever came across - no kind of procrastination will beat THIS kinky game!*

When I stumbled into this, I really couldn’t believe it. It’s a if somebody managed to leech my mind screen and transform it to a flash video game.

The task is easy to understand:
Make this blondie thrust the cock down her throat until she get’s cummed on.

Though I’m sure you’re eager to try it out, let me give you some useful hints:
• it’s not the depth that counts but the fast pace,
• a steady rhythm is more effective than a long hold up,
• swallow if you want - but that will spoil the show! ;-)

How delightful this game is
Let’s begin with the design: This blonde is quite a beauty sight, the cock too. And her facial expression on the job grands a vast variety: from wide-opened eyes, looking kinda frightened over blink and squint to rolled-up eye-balls that look like she’s going to pass out, lacking air to breath. (Don’t be afraid, it won’t happen.) But that’s not all: Very soon her make-up becomes messy, wetting eyes making the kajal go runny. Her spit spills all over, dripping out of her mouth, covering the shaft with sticky ropes. The most astounding thing is, the saliva appears so realistic. It splashes around if you move to hefty, but stretches to hunky lengths when you retreat carefully from the cock’s head.
And then there’s the climax: As a cum connoisseur, I first was a bit disappointed how the quirts looked. But then I got what’s the point: playin’ aint over aver he pumps it onto you face. You have quite a lot of opportunities to play out the comeshot: Let it splatter your face that it becomes almost unrecognizable, or get a little closer to let it drip from your chin and splash on your breast. And now you realize the coolest feature of all: You can behold how the cum stains dry on your skin! In the course of time you’ll observe how it becomes more and more transparent - and now it looks far more realistic. And the best thing is, you can suck right on, no wilt at all to be seen on the spent cock. So be quick and see how soon you can make the stud refresh you creamy topping.

Last but not least I warmly recommend enjoying this game with headphones!
The sound design it such a blast - if this does not bring your juices to boil, nothin’ else will do. This gulping and coughing and gagging and gasping - it’s so arousing you don’t even need the sight, actually!

So bring it on - it played it for three rounds and had to force myself to stop. Honestly, I could play this game for hours without getting bored.

Did I mention that you can configure almost everything - even the skin color, hairdo or if she has to wear lipstick to smear all over the prick? They really thought of everything!

*Source: http://konashion.blogspot.com
This flash game is updated ever and anon. So check the site for an even extended version.



seriously, though.

people are idiots.


Amazing amateur action



Amateur blonde pegs his ass wearing a Double Penetrating Harness

Some very nice closeup during a great slow sensual pegging session !


Holy shit that is hot!


Some men just respond so beautifully once they let go of their masculine need to always be in control. Look how he lifts his legs to give her complete access so she can oil his ass and balls! Her hands look sooo sexy with those fire engine red nails! And he is ready to cum almost instantly - see how tight his balls pull up? She is skilful to not stroke him too much, lest he ejaculate right away! Rubbing his scrotum, massaging it, gets him primed… all the cum moving into position, lining up. And when the anal beads go in and she is talking to him, stroking his cock and balls slowly… she owns him! The way she works the beads in his ass while stroking his shaft, the crown…!! Listen to him moaning! See how he holds himself, lifting his legs, lifting his ass to let her use him! He cums so hard for her! Now he belongs to her forever!

Best pegging video I’ve ever seen.  There should be so many more videos like this - sensual and erotic.  Not abusive and violent like the femdom pegging videos…